Hold The Door For Others is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization, therefore all donations are tax deductible. Once a donation is made, a letter with our tax-exempt ID number will be sent to you or your company. We thank you for your kindness and support in helping others!

Any donations or contributions by mail can be sent to:

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With the help of your contributions, Hold The Door For Others is able to continue our efforts in researching, developing, and distributing free resources, workbooks and services to those who are affected by any type of loss or adversity nation-wide and beyond. 

Hold The Door Day
Hold The Door Day is our annual free workshop for both children and adults who have experienced any type of loss or adversity.  Attendees participate in life-skills based workshops, informative seminars, and get the opportunity to connect with others who have experienced different types of hardships.
Please visit our Hold The Door Day for more information.

Please visit our Resources page to view all of the resources Hold The Door For Others has published with the help of donations.

Future Initiatives
If you were a Dinosaur, Would You Hold the Door? A story about autism and helping others This is a children’s book written by Robert Fazio, PhD and Breanna Winder MA. The story is an illustration of how raising a child’s self and social awareness can lead to helping others.

Hold The Door Homerooms: This program is a vision for students in middle school. Research shows that adolescents who develop social and emotional competencies are more successful in life than those who reflect only cognitive intelligence.  Volunteers from Hold the Door challenge adolescents to reach out to others each day and to express their feelings.  We are confident that students, who learn to empathize with, and support others, will build strong social and emotional skills within themselves.

Past Initiatives

In the spring of 2005, Hold The Door For Others team members traveled to Thailand and trained mental health professionals to use our OTHERS(S) model in dealing with the aftermath of the Southeast Asian tsunami

In August 2006 Hold The Door For Others team memberes were in New Orleans working with high school students who were affected by Hurricane Katrina. They trained the students in Hold The Door philosophies so they can use their experience to help others grow through loss and adversity.

In August of 2006, Dr. Fazio provided an inspirational key-note presentation to over 500 students at Mississippi State University about growing through loss and adversity.  Many of these students were affected by Hurricane Katrina.  In addition, Dr. Fazio also ran a workshop for faculty members at Mississippi State University about Progressive Leadership in Times of Crisis and working with people affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Following the tragic shootings at Virginia Tech, Hold The Door For Others travelled to Virginia and supported university initiatives to help students deal with the trauma and reintegrate classrooms.