Ena Griffin

Please describe your experience at HTD Day:

I had such a wonderful time that day, it went so quickly because things were so organized and went so smoothly that we were sad when it ended.

What do you remember most about the day?:

The classroom time was the best, I have no idea how they put who into what rooms, but we had the most genuine, wonderful people in our room. I loved the role-playing we did in the room. I had the best time and we accomplished something while doing it. We gave feed back to each other, and I felt better afterwards.

What about the day or people there was special?:

The doctor in our room, I have no idea what is name is again, (smile) but he was awesome. Again, every one was sooo nice and sincere why they were there and there was a healing and comforting in the place the whole day.

How has HTD Day helped you? (e.g.- learned new skills, more positive outlook):

It helped give me the courage to know that I am a good person and it is all right to be me. I was in the initial stages of the separation between my husband and me and it gave me strength. We have separated since then and it gave me the go ahead also to know that I am a good mother and it gave me bonding time with my son and we enjoyed the day together. It was an re-enforcement that this too shall pass and I know that everything is going to be alright and it has been a long and hard journey since then but it gave me the initial strength to do what I needed to do.

Why would you recommend other people attend HTD Day?:

Absolutely. I really wish I had brought my other son as well who is now 6. He would have loved it. I would love to bring him this year.


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