Dr. Brunelle Doorperson Award

The Dr. Brunelle Doorperson award is given out to a Hold The Door Team member every Hold The Door Day.  It is given to an individual who goes above and beyond in their efforts to support and volunteer for Hold The Door Day.

The award was named after Dr. John Brunelle who has worked with Hold The Door For Others since it started and leads our adult program on Hold The Door Day.

Jason Briggs 2006
Helga Byrne 2007
Breanna Winder 2008
Deb Roche 2009
Maureen Winner 2009
The Theodorakos Family 2010
Melissa Stancanelli 2011
Jennifer Hughes 2012
John Lalanas 2013
Amy Pace Troyano 2015
Amy Koker 2016
Caitlin McNair 2016