Hold The Door Day

14th Annual Hold The Door Day
Saturday, October 28, 2017
"One Door Leads to Another"

Each year we believe in having a theme that serves as our guide as we grow and learn together. This year's theme is "One Door Leads to Another." We invite people to find ways and opportunities where they can grow as they face adversity. The focus is on moving forward, while honoring your feelings and experience.

We always respect people's loss or adversity, and know it is tough. We give people the opportunity in the first session to share your story and where you are today. The power in this session comes from finding common connections and realizing the power you have to create a community of support and strength. This builds our foundation to be open to taking a step further. 

The second session we teach you the skills you need to manage emotions, heal in a healthy manner, and find your new opportunities.  

We all have a journalist inside our heads. That journalist always wants a story. If you don't take charge and give the journalist a story to write, that journalist will write any story they want. And it will likely be a story that keeps you stuck rather than focusing forward.

We hope you join us at Hold the Door Day. Finding your door will help you help yourself and others. 

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*Please note, this is not a training for psychology professionals.*