“We will be postponing the in person Hold the Door Day. Please stay connected with us through our facebook page and our newsletter.”

“We will be postponing the in person Hold the Door Day. Please stay connected with us through our facebook page and our newsletter.”

Hold the Door Day is a free event to help individuals and their loved ones coping with loss or adversity (e.g., loss of a loved one, cancer, divorce, natural disasters). Using hands-on activities and professionally designed workshops, our Team engages in skills to help you and your loved one prepare, live with, and grow through grief and challenges.

For over 15 years, Hold the Door has been inspiring people to grow and giving them the skills they need to build confidence as they heal. Through presentations and interactive small sessions, our team of Growth Consultants help you to navigate grief and develop skills to grow through adversity and thrive.

Hold the Door Day is comprised of two programs that run concurrently but are facilitated separately:

The GROWTH Program: This program is designed for people who have personally experienced loss, adversity, or crisis. The Growth Consultants in these sessions are trained professionals in psychology and related fields that share skills that position attendees to use growth, hope, and resilience in their journeys. Please note that this program is not intended for professional psychologists or counselors, it is designed to help individuals develop skills for their own individual growth.

The HELPER Program: The Helper Program is designed for individuals who are interested in improving how they support other people in everyday life. It will provide you strategies for helping others cope or feel comfort as they experience loss or adversity, whether it be in a personal relationship (i.e., friendship, family member) or a professional atmosphere (i.e., healthcare or educational settings). Topics such as self-care and maintaining boundaries while you support or care give for others will also be covered.

Attendees will engage in the following activities:

  • Developing the necessary life-skills to grow through loss and adversity
  • Learning strategies to increase your ability to bounce-back from hardships
  • Connecting with others who have experienced various kinds of loss
  • Boosting your emotional intelligence (self-awareness, regulating emotions, etc.)
  • Receiving resources that will prepare you for future loss and help you grow from existing loss.

When you register for Hold The Door Day, we encourage you to bring someone who may benefit from either of our programs, the Helper Program or the original Growth Program.

Below are types of loss and adversity that we focus on at Hold the Door Day

We have found that it is helpful to do our best to let people know what types of loss we focus on at Hold the Door Day. Everyone’s experience with loss is unique and we want to create positive experiences that are beneficial to as many people as possible.

Loss and adversity include any event that causes significant challenges in your daily functioning. An example of a nonevent would be expecting to have a child and experiencing infertility. At Hold the Door Day we focus on trauma, sudden loss, and extreme losses or adversity. Outside of Hold the Door Day our resources are helpful for preparing for, responding to, and growing from all types of loss and adversity.

Examples of Loss and Adversity:

  • Death of a loved one
  • Traumatic events
  • Sickness of a loved one
  • Adapting to a physical handicap
  • Managing an extreme transition, such as a loved one becoming physically or mentally handicapped
  • Experiencing a crisis
  • Witnessing a traumatic event such as a shooting, a car accident,
  • Being in an accident that physically or mentally causes distress
  • Miscarriage of a baby
  • Physical or mental abuse
  • Feelings and/or thoughts of helplessness or hopelessness due to and event
  • Being abandoned by a partner or loved one
  • Experiencing a terrorist attack
  • Being bullied in a manner that makes you feel physically or mentally threatened
  • Infertility or complications with having a child
  • Physical or mental abuse

We look at every loss on a case by case basis. There are some types of adversity that may seem easy to deal with, but are very challenging. Below are some examples of what we typically do not focus on at

Hold the Door Day:

  • Death or sickness of a pet
  • Divorce unless it is traumatic or causes physical or mental harm
  • Losing a job
  • Providing money to people or organizations
  • Training mental health professionals outside of our selected Growth Consultants

16th Annual
Hold The Door Day

An entire day of sharing stories, tears, fears, hopes – it was a cathartic experience, and I left feeling hopeful. That hope has been carried on throughout the years, reinforced and strong.

Christine Usher

I love that the sole purpose of the day is to empower and equip people to heal. We all go through things in life and we can always use a little help in overcoming obstacles.

Laura Madera

It gives people an opportunity to connect…It is hard sometimes to find someone who “truly gets you.” Here people understand, listen without judgment and offer mutual support.


HTD has encouraged me to feel that it’s ok to be hopeful about the future, that my life does not end when I lose a loved one – that I can grow and love and learn and experience life in a whole new way.


I have learned to respect and love myself, regardless of outward events…This organization believe(s) in everyone and they are so smart and genuine that they actually build confidence in others.

Alexandra Trovato

It made me realize we are not alone in suffering loss, and that if we reach out to others in our grief and mourning, we can honor and remember our lost loved ones, both individually and as a group.


It was a re-enforcement that this too shall pass…it has been a long and hard journey since then but it gave me the initial strength to do what I needed to do.

Ena Griffin

The people at Hold the Door are extraordinarily adept at helping others walk through their chaos, and helping them learn the navigation ropes for survival, in the process.

Michael and Laurie Cook

The compassion and caring of everyone. I feel it always helps to be in touch with someone who not only talks the talk but who is walking the walk.

Gayle Krug

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