Watch Our Growth Conversations – Flattening the Anxiety Curve

Growth Conversations 6/4/20 – The Complexities of Revolution: Understanding the Struggle for Justice and Our Opportunity to Ally with Dr. Micah McCreary.

Growth Conversations 5/21/20 – Flattening the Anxiety Curve: Hope/Story/Change: The importance of narrative with Dr. Maria Sirois

Growth Conversations 5/7/20 – Flattening the Anxiety Curve:  Performing Under Pressure for Healthcare Professionals with Dr. Amy Athey

Growth Conversations 4/23/20 – Flatten the Anxiety Curve: Leverage Your Own Emotions to Help Others with Dr. Keli Fazio & Dr. Rachel McLaren

Growth Conversations 4/16/20 – Flattening the Anxiety Curve: A conversation with Dr. Breanna Winder-Patel about children and anxiety

Growth Conversations 4/9/20 : Flatten the Anxiety Curve with Dr. Micah McCreary and Dr. Rob Fazio