We are all in this together! During times of crisis, we need to learn how to flatten the anxiety curve so that we can increase the growth curve. 

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Hold the Door for Others is a nonprofit organization that focuses on emotional profit. We provide resources and opportunities to inspire people to grow in healthy ways when faced with adversity. Our story was inspired by the kind act of Ron Fazio, Sr. on September 11th when he was seen helping people by Holding the Door for Others (Our Full Story). While we are inspired by his actions on September 11th, all people are welcome to attend our events and use our resources regardless of the adversity they face. Our research and experience on growth following crisis, trauma, and loss has reinforced our beliefs. We value the power of healing through human connections and helping others. We stand by our mission and know that people do not have to just cope or survive following loss, they can thrive despite it. There is a way to grieve and grow at the same time.  Read more about our mission…

An entire day of sharing stories, tears, fears, hopes – it was a cathartic experience, and I left feeling hopeful. That hope has been carried on throughout the years, reinforced and strong.

Christine Usher

I love that the sole purpose of the day is to empower and equip people to heal. We all go through things in life and we can always use a little help in overcoming obstacles.

Laura Madera

It gives people an opportunity to connect…It is hard sometimes to find someone who “truly gets you.” Here people understand, listen without judgment and offer mutual support.


HTD has encouraged me to feel that it’s ok to be hopeful about the future, that my life does not end when I lose a loved one – that I can grow and love and learn and experience life in a whole new way.


I have learned to respect and love myself, regardless of outward events…This organization believe(s) in everyone and they are so smart and genuine that they actually build confidence in others.

Alexandra Trovato

It made me realize we are not alone in suffering loss, and that if we reach out to others in our grief and mourning, we can honor and remember our lost loved ones, both individually and as a group.


It was a re-enforcement that this too shall pass…it has been a long and hard journey since then but it gave me the initial strength to do what I needed to do.

Ena Griffin

The people at Hold the Door are extraordinarily adept at helping others walk through their chaos, and helping them learn the navigation ropes for survival, in the process.

Michael and Laurie Cook

The compassion and caring of everyone. I feel it always helps to be in touch with someone who not only talks the talk but who is walking the walk.

Gayle Krug

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Everyday, people are faced with stress, adversity, and loss. Some of these experiences are more traumatic than others, but they can all challenge our core beliefs about ourselves, our world, and our future1,2.

Whether you are experiencing this adversity yourself or you’re witnessing a friend or loved one cope, there is hope in the future. Research shows that when people perceive new doors opening and make the choice to move through them, even when other doors feel like they’re being slammed shut, they are engaging their adversity in ways that allow them to grow, improve their relationships, find strength, and feel more appreciation for life2,3.

One of the biggest contributors to well-being, and people feeling like doors are open for them, is support4Hold the Door for Others provides resources for people coping with adversity to help them grow, and offers workshops for their friends and loved ones to better support them in their journey. The Hold the Door team created the OTHERS(S) framework that includes practical skills and serves as the foundation for our initiatives.

The experience of loss and adversity is one that people face regardless of income, and we work each year to make sure that our annual event and resources are free. If you’d like to make a difference in someone’s life who is coping with loss, consider Holding a Door open by sponsoring an attendee’s participation in our annual event. We hope to connect with you soon.

 1 Joseph, S., & Linley, P.A. (2005). Positive adjustment to threatening events: An organismic valuing theory of growth through adversity. Review of General Psychology, 9, 262-280. 2Fazio, R. J., Rashid, T., & Hayward, H’S. (2008). Growth through loss and adversity: A choice worth making. In S. J. Lopez (Ed.), Praeger perspectives. Positive psychology: Exploring the best in people, Vol. 3. Growing in the face of adversity (pp. 1-27). Westport, CT, US: Praeger Publishers/Greenwood Publishing Group. 3 Roepke, A. M., & Seligman, M. E. P. (2015). Doors opening: A mechanism for growth after adversity. The Journal of Positive Psychology, 10, 107-115. 4High, A.C., & Dillard, J.P. (2012) A review and meta-analysis of person-centered messages and social support outcomes, Communication Studies, 63, 99-118.