Our Mission

Hold the Door for Others is a nonprofit organization who’s mission is to Equip and Challenge People to Grow Through Loss and Adversity.

Our Dream: A cultural shift will happen and people will wake up every day and ask themselves “What can I do today to HOLD THE DOOR for someone else today and tomorrow?” Reaching out, healing through helping others, and growing through loss and adversity will be as commonplace as apple pie and lemonade. Hold The Door For Others will be a household phrase, and a way of life.

Our Philosophy: We are dedicated to our core belief that people GROW THROUGH LOSS AND ADVERSITY. Our research on growth following crisis, trauma, and loss has reinforced our beliefs. We value the power of healing through human connections and helping others. We stand by our mission and know that people do not have to just cope or survive following loss, than can thrive despite loss and adversity.

Our Vision: To create communities around the globe that possesses the heart, compassion, and strength we felt immediately following September 11th. We are determined to inspire everyday heroes and teach people that staying connected and helping others will help them heal and grow through any loss or adversity.